Help us plant trees in Andalusia

Planting trees with farmers!

The desert is expanding in Spain

Southern Spain has lost many forests over the centuries due to logging for shipping and intensive grazing by flocks of sheep and goats.

With the deforestation of the Spanish Sierras (mountain ranges) most water springs and thus the landscape dried out.

Your footprint in trees. 

The planted trees download and store the CO2 emitted by your energy consumption.

The trees are planted on farmers’ land that is not suitable for agriculture. The farmers plant and monitor the trees and receive an annual compensation for this.

How to plant?

Compensate your monthly or yearly emission, if you want a personal calculation please contact us!

€ 4

to plant one tree and ensure it is looked after and able to grow into the future.

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enable a farmer to create a small woodlot with fruit trees and maintain the trees


restores one hectare of landand providing farmers an income to preserve the trees.

GPS points

The trees planted in Spain are all pinpointed with GPS and each tree is photographed so you can check on Google earth where and they are growing.

Companies already participating

Frequently asked questions

What is Carbon Karma?

The concept Carbon Karma stands for the awareness of being part of Nature. Nature has its own economy of giving and taking, resources have a fast velocity going through the natural system.

Do you also make compensation plans for companies?

Carbon Karma can provide multi-year compensation plans taking into account sustainable developments in the company. Think of all aspects of the business operations; gas and electricity consumption of buildings, transport internally and by employees and other specific aspects in the business where a lot of Co2 is emitted.

Daarnaast biedt Carbon Karma voor productie bedrijven de mogelijkheid per product te compenseren. In addition, Carbon Karma offers production companies the possibility to compensate per product.

Is every tree I donate actually planted?

For every tree you donate Carbon Karma plants five. This is to compensate for the possible death of trees. Carbon Karma provides the statements of payment and a certificate of planting. If you compensate together with us in Spain you will also receive GPS points of the trees that you can upload in Google Maps.

How many trees do I have to plant to make my business CO2 neutral?

The amount of trees planted to make your business Co2 neutral depends on your energy consumption and the size of your business. Carbon Karma calculates for you the amount of trees when delivering your energy consumption. 

1 billion hectares of forest needed

Global temperatures could rise 1.5° C above preindustrial levels by as early as 2030 if current trends continue, but trees could help stem this climate crisis. A new analysis finds that adding nearly 1 billion hectares of forest could remove two-thirds of the roughly 300 gigatons of carbon humans have added to the atmosphere since the 1800s.

Your company wants to help green the world?

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